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Submitted By: Dracen knights
Date: October 31, 2008, 04:34:36 AM
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Throttle body removal and installation - saw960

Let's start.

  • Remove the Air Box tube. (Figure 1)

(Figure 1)​

  • Remove the Air Box by locating the screw holding the air box to TB (this takes a flat head screw driver). (Figure 2)

(Figure 2)​

  • Remove the three electrical connections attached to the TB. There is one in the rear and two on the driver's side. The ones on the side are the push and pull type. Push down on the tab, and pull it off. The one on the rear is the pry type. Lift the tab a bit to be able to slip it off. (Figure 3)

(Figure 3)​

  • Remove the vacuum line from the front of the TB. This takes a slow, steady, and easy pull (note in the pic it has already been removed). (Figure 4)

(Figure 4)​

  • Remove the throttle cables. There are three cables attached to the TB on the left hand side. DO NOT PRY THEM OFF!! They are held on by kind of a "C" connection. The little black parts at the end of the cables attach to the TB by being pushed on, and they are removed by being pushed in the opposite direction of the cable they are connected to. The “C” clips are attached to the cable. DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE THEM! (Figure 5)

(Figure 5)​

Note: at this point I would make sure to wipe away all loose dirt. I didn’t as you can see by the pics.

  • Remove the three bolts holding the throttle cable attachment brace to the TB. There are two bolts in the front, and one just behind the spring on the side. The brace will still be attached to the cables so DO NOT TRY TO MOVE IT TO FAR. Just release it from the TB housing. KEEP THESE BOLTS. I had to lift the TB up a little to do this. This takes the 8-mm socket. (Figure 6)

(Figure 6)​

  • Remove the four bolts on top of the TB. Now remove TB from plenum. Cover the opening with a towel or something to make sure nothing falls in. (Figure 7)

(Figure 7)​

  • If you are swapping throttle bodies, remove the sensor on the back of the TB (idle motor) and install it on the replacement TB. All the sensors take a #25 torx tip. It is the little star looking tip. (Figure 8 )

(Figure 8 )​

  • Remove the sensor on the driver side (throttle position sensor) and install it on the replacement TB. (I forgot to take a pic of this step)
  • Remove the sensor on the front (MAP sensor) and install it on the replacement TB. (Figure 9)

(Figure 9)​

  • Remove any gasket material from the intake plenum. Install the new gasket included with the kit. DO NOT USE RTV!!
  • Reinstall the Throttle cable attachment brace to the TB using the three stock bolts.
  • Reinstall the TB back on the plenum using the 4 new button head bolts instead of the stock bolts. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN! {moderator note:look up torque values } (Figure 10)

(Figure 10)​

  • Reinstall the throttle cables. Make sure you get the one cable back in it’s guide. (Figure 11)

(Figure 11)​

  • Reconnect all 3 electrical connectors to the sensors and install the air box gasket. (Figure 12)

(Figure 12)​

  • Reinstall air box and air box tube. (Figure 13)

(Figure 13)​

  • Disconnect the negative side of the battery for a 10 to 20 seconds, this will reset the computer and allow it to relearn the setting with the new air flow rates. It should reset in about 40 miles. It may run rich for the first couple of minutes. Don't worry, it will relearn the proper settings. Note: before you disconnect the battery you might want to write down all your radio station info so you can redo them (I forgot this step. LOL).
  • Enjoy
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