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Thoughts/ experience for reliable parts A727 behind a 512 stoker?

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does any one know of reputable reliable parts suppliers by experience that I could order parts for my trans rebuild? I have a nice rebuild book, and they provide numerous "recipies" for a tough reliable trans, but they dont list or name parts suppliers for those parts. Id like to get it right the 1st time.

Also thoughts on a neutral balance 10" HD non lockup torque converter? engine RPM range idle - 6K, 512 stroker, with a armchair bench estimate around 500-625 HP range..

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They were built for the engine that was put in front of them. A 727 for a 440 has more clutch plates, and planetary pinions, then one being turned by a 318. One behind a 440 will take more power then the one behind the 318.

George , thats what l said as thats another one of my ID's [ relative left with the other tablet l was using ]

kilqc =
for anything HOTTER than a a RV cam you need a Stall converter , the factory High stall is 2200 rpm for the Magnum / RoadRunner cam of 268 duration , any cam with more duration needs more stall

Note / l grew up in the "gross lift " era of cam listing , the new style 50 thousands style listing just confuses me and l,m to old to learn
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that cam you have is a copy of the Purple Shaft 509 with 292 duration - NOT recommended for a truck or for the street , it's as close to a FULL race cam as you can get

l,m sure more will chime in as we have had this "talk" about the 509 plenty of times , it's a very healthy cam and is fun in a 3200 Lbs car with 391 or 410 gears but gets OLD quick as it's just to radical for a daily driver or a truck unless your building a MAX power mud racer

my 1964 A100 "little brown brick" has a 1972 440 w/ 1967 "915" heads ported w/ 10.5 to 1 comp pistons and the 509 - 292 purple shaft w/ full manual reverse 727 with 3500 rpm stall converter / it's fun to play with once in a while , but l,m getting older and l wanna just "drive" it and enjoy it [ which cant be done with the 509 cam ]
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