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i just placed my truck in the classifieds section on rcc the other day and today i recieved this email lol. check it out:

Lester Brown <[email protected]> wrote:
How are you and your family?I hope you are all doing good?
My name is Lester and I live in Jamaica,I came across your classified ad for the sale of your vehicle.Please let me know if it still up for sale and if it is please let me know the asking price and also how many miles you have on it.
Payment would be in form of cashier's check drawn on a United States bank so please let me know ASAP so that we can work some thing out soon.
Regards Lester.

I remember another post on here about such scams as this so here was my reply:
it has 18,000 miles on it and im asking $26,327.39
get back to me as soon as you want to make out that "cashiers check"
by the way: glad to see that the phone lines are still open down there with the hurricane and everything!

the truck is a 80 pw with a roasted clucthces in the tranny.
(id fix it but i dont have the time or the money or the place to do it)
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