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THEY'RE HERE!! Ontario Chapter stickers

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I was finally able to pick them up today!

For anyone that wants one,(or two, or three......), you can either send me a self addressed, stamped envelope or you can get them at a upcoming Ontario Chapter meet.
The envelope will need to be a minimum 5" tall. You can also IM me to make arrangements to pick them up at my place.

 Price for now is $5:00 each to help offset the printing costs.

  IM me for details.


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Well no outside comments on the stickers yet but I think they're the greatest and they look cool on the truck thanks guys much appreciated{wave}
Your the one who stirred the interest back up so pat yourself on the back :D
Chapter Sticker looks great!


How many would you like? ;)
Hey there from BC. Would whoever made em up and printed them IM me with their phone number? I would like to get some BC chapter stickers but the costs here are pretty high. Thanks.
kyot. Just looking at the price of stickers, are they 5.00 + tax or straight 5.00 Thanks for your time. Boomer
Just $5. I already paid the tax once....that's all "they" get ;)
Thanks kyot. You should be hearing from me shortly by mail for some stickers. Boomer
No problem. Just make sure your envelope is at least 5" tall!
I'll try
You have mail!
I love mine, thanks again, they look great, Mine is on the back window of my car :)
Did you get 1 from Pat? Haven't talked to him's he doing?
Yep , got one from Pat, hes doing good, Am talking to him on msn now, and I think he is coming over for supper to my place tonight~
is there any new stickers in the works?? or still the old ones? i wanna get a few either way if ya have any
There are still a few from the original printing ( 30 or so ).

  Just send me an IM for quantity and mailing info

    kyot 8)
Pic of sticker added to first thread of this post.

  Thanks kyot got the stickers today...... ;)

1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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