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General objective is quick 3 part, take it apart, put it back together on bench with basic hand tools.

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Bend linkage so that both throttle rod stops hit the throttle plate at the same time. Lever on primary throttle shaft must rotate freely (down arrow).

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Back off metering rod yoke adjustment screw while pressing down until yoke bottoms. Turn screw opposite direction 1 1/2 turns to raise yoke. Test drive with secondary throttle linkage removed to fine tune. Raising yoke makes primaries richer.

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Top of accelerator pump should be 1/2 inch above air horn. Bend linkage to adjust.

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Secondary air door adjustment screw has outer lock screw. Cut down the end of a brake or fuel line to build a screw driver inside a screw driver. Use a real screw driver to loosen outer lock screw before adjustment and to tighten after.

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Loosen outer screw and let air door fall open. Turn inner screw counter clockwise to tighten spring until door closes. Turn screw an additional 2 full turns to tension the spring. Tweak based on road test. Loose = rich = bog.

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Top of hole for choke rod should be 3 3/16 inches from bench. Bend linkage to adjust.

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Push vacum can arm all the way in. Secondary air door should open slightly. Bend linkage to adjust.

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Open throttle and put fast idle screw on top step. Push vacum can arm all the way in. Choke should open 3/32 - a common drill bit size. Bend tab to adjust.

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Open throttle and put fast idle screw on second step, against lip of top step. Close choke by pushing lever down. Bend linkage for 3/32 opening of choke.

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Bend tab on fast idle lever so that secondary lockout lever lays against secondary throttle lever. (when choke is on, fast idle lever will lift lockout lever to disable secondaries)
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