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OK.....I know this is the only place to order rear disc brake kits for our trucks from, but, their service is very lacking....or at least their service to me was.

I ordered the disc brake kit from them on Monday 5 April 2004. I asked Skip, the guy I talked to, if I could pay extra for 3 day shipping so they would be here by Friday 9 April 2004 at the latest. He said I could, but could not tell me what the shipping charges would be. I told him I didn't like not knowing how much was gonna be charged to my card. I told him I would call back the next day for the exact charges.

He told me one of the plated brackets were not in stock because they were at the platers being plated, but that he could send them unplated, and I could paint them myself. I told him that would be ok. I needed them here by Friday the 9th, and would paint them myself.

I called him back the next day (Tuesday 6 April 2004), and he gave me the total including the shipping charges. The extra shipping was almost double standard shipping charges. He told me the items had not shipped yet, but would ship that day, so they would still be here by Friday 9 April 2004.

Needless to say, the parts did not arrive. I called them Monday 12 April 2004, since they are closed 1/2 day on Fridays. He told me the parts shipped on Friday 9 April 2004. I asked him why someone didn't call me to let me know they were not shipped on Tuesday 6 April as he had told me they would be, so I could let him know if I still wanted the parts and still wanted to pay the extra shipping, since they would not be here by that weekend as promised previously. I also asked him for a tracking number so I could see where the parts were. He could not (or would not) give me a tracking number, and did not have an answer for why I was not informed of the delays.

When I asked about getting the extra shipping charges refunded, he said he would have to ask his boss, Cliff. Well, to make a long story a bit shorter, Cliff said no, he would not refund the additional shipping charges, as they were shipped in 3 days, even though they were shipped the day they were supposed to be here.

I ordered the parts on a Monday, and paid extra to have them by Friday, and did not recieve them until the following Wednesday. They say the reason they shipped so late was some of the parts still had to be machined (brake rotors). When asked why I was not called and informed of the delays, Skip said he didn't think it was needed, and apologized for the problems it caused me. He admitted it was his fault that I was not informed of the delays, and that it was his fault for promising the parts without checking to make sure they were all ready to ship.

I did not recieve them in the time frame that I paid for, and the reasons are Skip's actions.

To this day, they have not refunded the additional 30 bucks I paid in vain, and I am having to go thru my credit card company to get it back as a dispute.

For a company that operates in this day and age to not be able to give me shipping charges and a tracking number right away, and to refuse to refund only a small portion of the charges (total bill was almost $320, and I was only asking for $28 to be refunded which is 1/2 the shipping charges) when the reason is plainly their company's or employees' fault, is unacceptable in my eyes.

If you choose to order from them, beware, they are not as professional as they should be, and you may have delays and problems getting the parts you order in the time frame promised.

Mark Miller

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I got my disk brake kit from them in 3 days, without paying any extra.
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