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the green machine!!!!! (upadted 6-2-03)

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her is my newest edition to my family...i traded a 80 r/c for it..its a 80 trailduster sport SNO-COMMANDER, 360...and pretty much stock..its more of a project than my 80 r/c but this one deserves to be saved. BTW the running board are gunna go soon real soon!
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for those of you who dont this it a sno-commander
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im thinkin about putting my 91's rims on it what u think?
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Whoa, nice find. how can you have a sport AND a snowcomander? ;D if it's an 80 why does it have a 79 looking grill? it isn't original is it?

It's quite the find but it looks like it's been through a few tough winters ;D
yea it needs alot more work! it had a tough life, but it deserves to be saved. in 80 it was a option for quads lights or the circles ones! i personally like the quads!
Very cool, that thing has some cool stuff. whoever got that thing made for him back in 80 is one awsome guy!! ;D
yea i already start to pull the carpet...and i gotta start changling fliuds and stuff but i havent had thet time yet..hopefully pretty soon
if this is the one you want the model no problem its a straight swap from the 80 rc with a few mods (very easy) let me know ;D
Pics are down...
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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