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The fishing industry can kiss my hairy ass

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I've never worked so hard in my life for such little money... For being one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, you'd think you'd come out of it with something right? WRONG. I even have less clothes now. About all I gained from this was a beard, which is now shaved. Damn. Glad I didn't go all the way to November.

Ok, I let off some steam. That feels better. How's everyone been since I left?
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We fished up and down the coast mostly. As far down as Cortez Banks Mexico. We were going to go do Somoa, New Zealand, and Hawaii, but the main (engine, to the non-fisherman) took a big shit on us. We had it rebuilt in San Diego last November, then went to come into the Columbia. The bar was closed to all vessels, because of the 28-32 foot breakers that we were fighting right in the channel. Oh, by the way, I get horribly sea sick. So we went up to Seattle. Stayed there for awhile, then went to Coos Bay. In those two trips, it drank 8 gallons of oil. And it was broke-in when we left San Diego. So no fishing till March while it gets rebuilt again. Screw that, I'm done. I have to survive don't I?

Thinking of getting into Real Estate. I won't get sea sick doing that. And from what I hear the Carleton Sheets program actually works. We'll see.
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Thank ya Ian. Good to be back. Wonder if my stuff is still out there at Adams.... I'm gonna go check and see one of these days. If it is, I have a Sterling 10.5" rear axle and extra housing for sale. About as heavy duty as it gets... ;D

Now that I'm done fishing, I gotta find a place to live. Man this sucks, fishing screwed everything up for me... :mad:
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