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The 76 Rc I bought from Mopar Gal.. at it's new home

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I put the pictures up on my site.. its the second page of pictrues I you want to coment


My 77 is on the same page.. be kind this is my first attemp at creating a web site.. OH.. my spelling sucks and I know it... for all you smart asses out there...

thanks for the feed back

chubby ;D
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hey chubby,
That looks like a great project you've got there. I think your ideas on page 3 sound great. Keep us posted...
Mopar man..

Im not sure that you would want these they are realy banged up and where the lug nuts go the metal has been worn away some... not very nice...

they are 15x8 think.. Ill look when I get home tonight.. and let you know if you still want then.. k.. also think of shipping costs.. since Im in CA... it may not be worth it.. for you ...

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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