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t-case drop

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how does it work? I was just reading over the Tuff Country install by Outlaw and saw those brackets and uhm, I'm confused:
I thought the t-case was sitting on a connection with the tranny, so if you just drop the t-case by an inch then how does the power get transmitted from the engine to the t-case without breaking anything? ???
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The t case and tranny and motor are all mated together. When you drop the t case say 1 inch all it does is pivot the rear output of the t case downward while pivoting the front output of the t case upward. The rubber motor mounts and the rubber tranny mounts allow for the drivetrain being stressed like this.
CLRracer said:
u dont really "drop" the tcase, u rotate it so that the front output is lower.

I think you are talking about clocking the t case Duane.
Yup. When you drop the t case it points the front t case output upwards and puts the CV joints in more of a bind. You can clock the t case further down to reduce the angle, but then you reduce your clearance under the truck.
It's not hard to do a t case drop, just don't over do it and drop it too far. Get yourself an angle finder. I got mine from sears a few years ago. What I do is drop the rear driveshaft and get measurements from the yokes to what the driveshaft angles are. Measure the top of the t case output and the bottom of the diff yoke or visa versa. Opposite angles should be equal. Once that has been determined I have to figure out how much to drop the t case to meet up with the rearend that has already been tilted up. If the rear is 15 degrees and the t case is 4 degrees that means that there is 11 degrees of difference and the t case needs to come down to within 3 to 4 degrees. I take a floor jack and put it under the tranny crossmember and undo all the crossmember bolts. I put some longer ones in with the nuts on as a safety precaution. Once that is done I slowly lower the t case down while measuring the pinion angle til it's just where I want it. Once that is done I measure the gap between the frame and the tranny crossmember. That is the thickness of the plate you need. Just cut it and drill the 3 holes to match and put it back together and you are all done.
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With a stock suspension I think it would. You just need to find a clocking ring for the t case and play with it til you get it where you like it.
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