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Submitted By: IntenseImages
Date: November 16, 2008, 11:35:18 PM
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Sway Bar Quick Disconnect - intenseimages

Bill of materials are:
A set of standard tools +
2) 1/2" hitch pins atleast 2 1/2" long
2) 3/16" lynch pins
4) 1/2" thick fender washers
1) hacksaw
1) 1/4" drill bit and drill

Here is where your trying to disconnect to give your front end more travel.

Okay I had a extra sway bar laying around so I used that as a example but you can do this while its still attached to the truck.

First thing you do is to use two 3/4" wrenches and unhook your sway bar. You'll have a easier time unhooking both sides at this time.

I only could find 31/2" long hitch pins in my area wich was no biggie since you'll be cutting them to length so here I am measuring the minimum distance they have to be. I used the fender washers on both sides of the joint for extra support.

Next you want to drill your hole through the hitch pin for your lynch pin. I used a 1/4" bit and drilled just enough outside the line to keep a tight fit on the washers. Hacksaw the extra off leaving enough material left to keep the integrity of the pin. The one on the left is done and the one on the right is just about hacksawed through. Ive ground and tapered the ends to ease in the installation of them.

Here is what they look like when there done.

And in the vehicle

That was it. 1/2 hour tops and your adding several inches of travel to your front end. Ive read up to 3" are possible from this. Please remember this is for slow off road travel ONLY! Running without a sway bar on the highway at high speeds is very very dangerous. Use common sense. Read up on the advantages of not having your sway hooked up in situations where you need alot of articulation.
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