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What goes on what?
Can I put a 360 head on my 318 block?
Will the 360 double-roller chain and gear fit my 318 (I was told that's a worth while upgrade)
360 intake fit on 318? Worth while upgrade?
Plug recommendations?
Carburator? 4bbl? Which one is best? (Stock and Aftermarket!)

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the answer is yes.

a double roller is good.

factory 318 4bbl engines used 360 heads and intake.

you have all kinds of choices in carburetors. how much can you afford?

some good choices might be the truck avenger, thermoquad, rochester, afb, ebrock performer, avs, or any number of other holley based carbs even if its produced by different brand.

most any 4bbl can be good.

the common ones to use are the afb/performer just becuase they re only $200 brand new and come pretty close to tune.

but for the same money you could get a thermoquad that is tuned to your neeeds as well.

a member of this site builds these carbs

As for plugs, start with stock for your model. Nothing is better than driving, then reading your plugs. This can help diagnose tuning issues. Lots of rattles may require a cooler range, but cooler tips will lead to poor performance if too cool. Swapping to 360 heads will likely reduce any detonation tendencies with their larger chambers. Also, make sure you're not running lean before messing with plugs. Otherwise you might be crutching another issue.
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