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Sunvisors for 80RC

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One of my sunvisor's (right) must have been singing a Door's song because it did "Break on through to the other side" where the shaft goes into the attachment base. The left side looks OK right now but it probably isn't far behind. It is the type with a equalateral triangle as a base with three screws. Should be the same for 77-79 I would think?

Anyone have some spares they are willing to part with before I go visit the Mopar graveyard. It is hard not to have sunvisors in a sunny state.

Thanks - Craig
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What color are ya lookin fer??
There's a 80 ish van in the local JY with tan interior. I didn't look specifically for visors, but I think they are the same. I'm in Lake Havasu, but if your other leads fail, give me a holler.
Sorry, I should have included the color - Black. I probably could get away with using a pair of Tan ones since my seats and aftermarket center console are tan.

I was just hoping someone might have an extra pair from a parts vehicle laying around. Hidden Valley Auto Parts (City of Maricopa) is fairly close to my work place so I can swing by sometime if nobody has any. They have a pretty good selection of old Mopar trucks. They let you pick your parts if you want.

I believe that Bill55AZ has a set of red ones, but thats all I know of. You could always get some of that spray dye in a can.
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