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summit headers...opinions

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what is everyones opinions of the summit brand headers. for the tbi 318s. do they seal well? do they hang below the frame rails alot/any? did the power increase any/much? and what is everyones overall opinion of them? thanks people. and the price is good for me...
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I have them. They are made by flowtech.

They work good, but they do not fit good. I had to modify my aftermarket shifter bracket at the trans (which I shouldn't have had to according ot Summit) and I had to get a shorter starter.

Thye make 2 diff length starters...I got the shorter one.
Well, the last set of headers I had on were even cheaper yet, never had to retorque them, and they lasted 13 years.

I had no choice on the starter....I did like you said, and the starter was actually touching the way around it. I drove it that way for about 2 weeks, then then starter died from the heat.You may have had the shorter starter to begin with. The diff in length is only about 3/4", but it is enough.
yeah, they did make quite a smoke show until the paint burnt off.
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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