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if you want to sell something, put it on here, or if you need something, or if you want to trade something, whatever put it here,

this is for stuff for sale or wanted stuff, if you want to ask a question about something on here, please im the person, i dont want people to have to wade thru a lot of messages that are unnesassary

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Hey Folks,
Looking around for some replacement leaf springs, I would like to stay 2.5" or less of lift but may go up to 4" if that's all I can find. Also looking for a set of Rancho shocks probably just going to buy them from a dealer but figured I'd mention it in case someone has a set they don't have a use for any more. This is for my 93 RC. Any suggestions on places that sell them cheap would be appreciated as well.

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77 ?? dodge P/u 4x4 NOT MINE!!!

Not sure what it is... Been told it does not run, but it might..But appears to be complete..Std trans..Flat bed in the rear.. ok shape...

Been told the drive train set up is pretty rare for these... (no idea what it is) chris

No title.

$500 / b/o

Truck is 5 lug... But if you prefer 8 lug, I have a matched set d60/d44 w/ 4.10's that will bolt right in..l. 518-469-1055 Loc in/near Colonie NY
I dealt with this guy a couple years ago when I got my S15 Jimmy, Good guy to deal with, has his own garage, sort of an "unofficial mechanic on retainer" for most of Adirondack Jeeps. No I still don't remember his name! lol

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selling my 87 Ramcharger, more work than i can do

its an le150, leather, roll bar, rear pop sun roof, a/c, 4x4

it has 176,000 on it, dont have the title but i can get it if wanted, has small rot on drivers side floor pan

needs (what ive found so far, may need more)

e break
head gasket, i have the gasket
trans pan gasket, have the gasket
valve cover gaskets

im no mechanic but thats what i think it needs, may need more or even less

300$ reply or pm me if intrested
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