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Everything was fine until the tires spun just a little, and then I went straight down.
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After ripping the front bumper off with a huge PTO winch and about 300' of cable and chains, we figured it was time to try the hi-lift jack!!
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6 hours and few beers later, time to try the winch again. Finally success!!!

Besides the front bumper, only other damage was the front driveline over extended and slipped out. Time to make a spacer!!
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Not good....Sunk a 72 powerwagon I had,that bad,spent 2 days getting it out,tore both the front axle u-joints out.Not fun at the time but funny now.
damn, you were good an' stuck, bet you feel kinda stupid ripping the bumper off :p how did you winch out with the bumper off?
MoPaR MaNiaC 79RC said:
damn, you were good an' stuck, bet you feel kinda stupid ripping the bumper off :p how did you winch out with the bumper off?
We hooked the chains to the frame right behind the spring perches.
Haven't seen a stuck like that in a long time! Hard to believe those were 38" tires under that goo. And man, ripped the bumper clean off... ...too cool! :eek: ;D

Hey guys.
I'm new at winching, so please excuse my forthcoming dumb question.
My Ram has a Warn M12000 winch on the front end. I've never had the opportunity to use it yet.
But if I did, it seems to me that hooking to a bumper only would'nt be my first choice.....I've seen MANY bumpers get creamed that way from simple towing.
Would'nt the frame somewhere be the better choice? Or is the bumper usually the first place you try? And if it is, how do you avoid ripping it off like that?? ???
if the bumper is attched well enough it shouldn't get ripped off. Usually people try the bumper first because it is the easiest thing to get at.
Thanks for the reply.
I was just curious because as I said,. I've seen alot of bumpers get yanked or otherwise damaged by using them as a tow point.
It would seem to me, that since hardly anyone would agree that using the bumper to jack a vehicle up, say, to change a tire, is a good idea, that using to to winch a vehicle out of a bog is a good one either. The centrifugal force behind winching is certain to place more stress on the bumper and it's mount than it was designed for. Bumpers were designed for impacts, not for supporting the entire weight of the vehicle.
Anyway, thanks for your answers. ;D
Also get some tow hooks where the spring perch is they will bolt right up no proble mand never yank a truck by the bumper if you ca nat all possibly help it . Why bumpers get annihilated alot lack of tow hooks and an extra in the retrival box is a good thing to have .

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