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steering worn above ragjoint?

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Just got back from SEARS Automotive where they told me that they can't work on my truck due to a worn steering shaft that goes between the rag joint and the steering wheel. The slip joint below the rag joint and the rag joint itself are fine. It is movable from side to side and up and down from the ragjoint into the firewall. Now is this actually worn or do they just not know what they are talking about. Also they tested my battery and said it is good but yet it keeps going dead.. No known shorts. The gauge doesnt seem to really go discharging or charging either. I do read 13 volts at idle with just the engine running but nothing on. Then if I turn a bunch of accessories on it starts to drop. I am going to check the cables tomorrow with an amp meter and making sure it is actual flowing properly to the battery otherwise I guess it gotta be the alt. I know the fusible link looks like it was messed with so maybe it finally went.
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1985 Dodge Ramcharger, 3 speed 727 Auto on column, 4X4, 318 162,000 miles orginal engine,,, uses oil somewhere but doesnt smoke :) and the alternator I am going to check the cables tomorrow quick and maybe the ameter too. Any idea how to get to the bearings and the c clip? Thanks
My ragjoint is about midway to high towards the firewall... the sector shaft is what sears said is loose but it looks more like the shift tube is what moves not the sector shaft. The local dodge junkyard guru said it is fine it could be tighter but not a probelm.. the only probelm I have with it steering is the little bit of play in the steering wheel could be less then it has for my taste but no probelm wandering unless I hit bad bumps which I blame on the shocks (at least 4 years old and 30000 miles on them I saved this truck from the junkyard in 2000) (they are the reason I went to sears in the first place) because on a good road I can let go of the steering wheel and not need to correct it at all. It is a 3 speed column shift and 4X4 anything else you need to know? If anyone knows how to or if that shift tube can be tightened let me know..
Rich :) Oh and the charging system is fixed it was the voltage regulator
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