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steering worn above ragjoint?

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Just got back from SEARS Automotive where they told me that they can't work on my truck due to a worn steering shaft that goes between the rag joint and the steering wheel. The slip joint below the rag joint and the rag joint itself are fine. It is movable from side to side and up and down from the ragjoint into the firewall. Now is this actually worn or do they just not know what they are talking about. Also they tested my battery and said it is good but yet it keeps going dead.. No known shorts. The gauge doesnt seem to really go discharging or charging either. I do read 13 volts at idle with just the engine running but nothing on. Then if I turn a bunch of accessories on it starts to drop. I am going to check the cables tomorrow with an amp meter and making sure it is actual flowing properly to the battery otherwise I guess it gotta be the alt. I know the fusible link looks like it was messed with so maybe it finally went.
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First off welcome to the best site on the net! ;D
Go to chapters and find PA there is a contact thread and a welcome thread you can post on to say hi and we'll all give you a big hello.

You will need to give some more info on your truck first before we can answer your questions.
What year is your truck, auto, 3 speed on the column, 4 speed on the floor?
There are bearings in the top of the column that keep it strait and there is a "C" clip in there to hold it in tight. Could be they are bad or that the collar came lose where the bearing sets into. :-\
You will need a steering wheel puller. Pull the wheel and the turn signal switch. The bearings and the clip are directly behind all that stuff.
Good luck.
Congrats on the charging system. {cool}
As far as the steering goes dude I don't know what else to tell you. There is a slip coupler at the bottem that could be lose to. The rebuild kits are around $14. Even if it looks tight just a little movement will make a world of slack in the steering. You might want to invest in a steering stabilizer too. That will take some of the road bumps out of the steering. :-\ Just a thought.
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