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steering wheel spacer and loose steering

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Subject: steering wheel spacer and loose steering

1. steering is way loose and my pick up is all over the road.

what can be done with that?

2. my steering wheel keeps locking down and depressing the horn. i had to pull the fuse on the horn and back up lights. is there a spacer that is broken or misplaced. if i order a replacement wheel will this kit contain the neccisary items or can i pull it off, use the stock wheel and just replace it.

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I would look first at the steering coupler. A worn steering coupler can cause drifting just as you described. I had a lot of play when turning and the vehicle drifted all over the road. I rebuilt the steering coupler and it reduced the drifting by about 85%. I believe that others have had the same result. You can buy a rebuit kit at the dealer for about $17. There is also a how to on this site about how to do the fix.
Good luck.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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