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Steering gear box help pleeeezzz!

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Have a 78 Ramcharger...thought the power steering was leakin/squeelin, so went to remove to determine the leak is originating from the steering gear...where the steering wheel shaft connects. So...has anyone ever changed the seal at this location? Does the unit have to be removed? Would it be better to find/buy another steering gear box?
Apperciate any help from ya'll.
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Is the fluid leaking past the seal where you describe, oozing out or spraying out under pressure? The seal should be an
O-ring, if I remember correctly...Which means the shaft has to come out ot replace it. Have you tried a sealer/conditioner yet? (Sometimes we get lucky.) However, if we're looking at the original '78 box here, it's likely that there's more to go wrong with a box this old one waiting to happen. By the time you remove it from the truck, and disassemble it to repair the leaky seal, you're looking at potentially finding more wrong inside during your inspection, that would require repair / replacement anyhow.

I would plan on either replacing it, (Entire box), outright with a good quality rebuilt unit or having yours rebuilt by a competent experienced rebuilder.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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