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Steel Horse Tailgate lock boxes

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We had a K-Mart go under in the area so I went down to scratch up some RC stuff. After passing the boxs 6 times I look at the Steel Horse full size pick up tool / storage boxes. These things are great for the RC and even better when the top is off. After you open the tailgate (74 RC) these boxes unlatch and the covers flip up. The cover is then held up by included hydraulics. There's a water resistant tool pouch inside each and decient room to store stuff. I have tow straps, a come-a-long, jumper cables, a tarp, and fire extinguisher in one. They also lock with a padlock. (Although I drilled out the hole to make it easier.) Worth looking into. I'll put up some pics later. I used about 8 screws on each to hold them down rather than the 4 givin for a more secure fit. I got them cheap, but they are a good addition if you have the $$$ (around $100 normally)
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