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Steel Horse contoured truck steps

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This is the smallest of the series (Elite) p# 76248 (black) 74-92 Ramcharger/Trailduster
Average price is around $50
You can find these wherever aftermarket truck products are sold.
Installation takes about a couple of hours max and you will have to drill 4 holes per side. All hardware is included and these are very easy to install on your RC. They are cast aluminum and very strong. I am going to reinforce the mounts with a brace seeing how they only mount to the rear of the rocker panel and I am a big fella so I don't wan't them to move.


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look like the same ones I have, didn't know they came in black though! I weigh about 175-180 and was jumping on mine pretty god after I got em on. Got a little flex but not much considering how much bondo is in the rockers! LOL! Only thing I worry about with these is ripping em off on a trail. They are nice and solid!
I had the Bright aluminum ones on my 86 and they oxidized Quckly and honestly looked like crap after 6 months. Maybe the black would be the way to go.
Well still goin strong with no reinforcement like I had planned...and the finish still looks new. Just thought I would give an update. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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