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Starting problem

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My Ramcharger has an annoying starting problem. It starts up ok in the morning but when I go to start it up thru out the day, it takes forever it catch and turn on. The engine spins but doesn't fire up until 3-4 tries. I just did a tune up on it today (new wires plugs cap rotor) , and leaned out the carb a bit (was running rich), but no change.

any ideas what to look for next?

FYI 1983 Ramcharger Prospector 318 Auto. Has a Edelbrock 600 cfm carb and no catslytic conv. but otherwise stock.
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what is your timing set at? sounds like you might have too much advance
What ignition do you have? Lean-burn, standard electronic, or aftermarket (eg MSD, Jacobs). What you describe sounds like what happens to every lean-burn vehicle I have ever driven, and it is usually a problem with the 'start' pickup coil in the dist.

Yeah i would agree, but 2 things either your lucky and the lean burn is crapping out, or your timing chain is very stretched
hmm, I have whatever came stock in 83 :)

Don't have a timing light available right now to check the timing, (got to get it back from my brother)

If I do have a lean burn ignition and it's crapping out, would it leave me stranded ?
I have the same problem only when it's cold. Colorado mornings right now are cold. A friend said it may be my ignition Mod. and/or my timing. Check both
83 probably has a start pickup coil on the distributor. So possible the start side is giving out.
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