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Well my truck has been down for a month now. Partly due to the cold and lack of a day off in a month so I havent worked on it.

If any of you read this post;action=display;threadid=32026 this is the original problem.

All connections are clean and all that, brand new battery, yadda, yadda, yadda. With the battery at full power I still need a jump to start it. It just turns over really slow, even jumpstarting it. After it starts it runs for a couple minutes and then it slows and dies. I cannot keep it running any longer. Try to restart and it is just shy of not turning over at all. So I am thinking it maybe a bearing problem.

Anyone else? I don't have a oil pressure gauge in it and the engine doesn't seem to make any more noise than it normally did. This engine had really been lacking in the power department and I was just hoping to get through winter with it. I have one on the stand to go in next spring.

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