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Just when you thought it was safe to post on the message board...


More quick spring questions... :{D I am looking at approx October 15th (maybe closer to November 15th so the weather is better, cooler) (my 27th birthday) for the springs. Now, the kind AZ folks have decided to help if I need it. And that is great.

If I were to do it myself, everyone that has ordered springs through JC Whitney please let me know if you were pleased with the quality of them. Also, do I need to match the number of springs I have presently on the truck? For example, if the front end has 3 springs, do I replace it with 3 springs? OR, can I get the heavier duty 5 spring set, etc.

Also, I know this is looney, but I am wondering if anyone has heard of "Velvet Ride Shackles"? If so, can I get them to fit on my 74? It is not listed as a vehicle they fit, but Dodge Power Wagons from 1500: 1/2 ton 1977 - 2001 VR-0004-1.

Should I look into getting those for the rear end? Will they fit? Just some basic, boring questions. I am taking the truck over to my grandparents friends shop tomorrow evening for the throw out bearing. They say it is seized. That's no good... They may end up doing the pressure plate and clutch plate as well. $50 an hour labor, no more than 5 hours tops and $100 total for all parts. Not bad in my book... :{D

Thanks all...


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