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Spring in hose

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I got a new lower radiator hose for my 76 RC 440 today. Should there be a spring in it to keep it from collapsing?

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The old hoses had them for the collapsing issue. The new rubbers and designs in hose these days makes a preformed hose stronger and should not collaps. The straight hoses should have a spring do to the bend you usally incounter on an install. This keeps the hose from collapsing. Since one side of the hose will become shorter or compressed, when you soften the hose from the heat and then it cools, it could collaps. These hoses (straight non specific), should be use to get you by but generally hold up ok. Carry a long enough straight one for the trail to use top or bottom in a pinch but get a preformed fitted one.
The rust issue would be a good enough reason for me to not have a spring.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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