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Spool for a Dana 70 rearend??

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My brother has a 77 PW400 with a 60 front and 70 Rear. And me just a 74 PW200 with a 44 and 60. But anyways there was a guy on that was claiming that he had a strange spool in his 70. My brother called summit and Strange spool direct and summit said call strange and they said they have never made one. Does anybody know if there are spools made for 70's?

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I don't think anybody makes one, you could weld it, that's practically free.
Yep....the only company that I know of that makes a Dana 70 spool is Lincoln
detroit make a locke for a 70
we wanted the ability to make it restreetable with a spool you get same performance or better than detroit with about a third the price. Lincoln is pretty much ruining a good set of spiders and a carrier. We wanted to have the ability to place spiders back in to turn mud truck into street truck.
Try geting a extra set of spider gears and weld like this

Then they would be swapable back and forth :)
think that would work for the smaller stock r/c rearends?
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