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speedometer gear???

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speedometer gear or whatever it is called that you can change to correct the speedometer after getting different gears. anyway would the dealer have what i need to get my speedometer accurate after going from 235/75/15 tires and 3.55 gears to 33inch tires with 4.56 gears???

thanks for any help
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Duffy has it.
What I have used and works for me is the following:
Drive down the freeway using a GPS and have the GPS read 60 mph.
Read the value of your dash speedometer, if your speedo reads HIGHER than 60, you need to go with a gear that has MORE teeth. Like Duffy said, each tooth of the speedometer gear is about 3 mph at 60 mph. Use a gear with LESS teeth if your speedo reads LOWER than 60 mph. And again, 3mph per tooth of the speedo gear.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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