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Speedo and cruise control operating, woohoo!!

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The speedo cables came in, and when I went down to the dealer, they were both about two feet long. As in one was about 3-4 four feet short, lol. I decided to take my chances, and just take the top one. I did something not so safe, but what the hell, I didn't get killed. I jacked up the back end and put the stands in, cranked it up and put it in gear, and we have speedo!!! That was happy number one. While it was up in the air, I decided to run it up to 35 or so, and see if the cruise would engage. I believe that it did. The engine sped up, slowed, sped up, and then slowed. Over and over. I'm assuming this was the cruise engaging and WORKING. Since there was no load on the rear axle, my guess is that it was trying to set a speed, overspeeding, and compensating by letting off the throttle. So it looks like my time was well spent. Changed the O-ring on the speedo gear housing too, while I was at it. I had a decent leak going there.,,,,Cruisin

Next project, shift linkage seal. Why oh WHY, must this RC leak from every possible fluid seal??? It's beginning to give me a complex, LOL!
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where did you say you got the speedo cables for the cruise? i cant find them anywhere
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