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Price: $50 from Pep Boys
You can get it for $30 from Summit (SPE-5822)
This is the braided stainless outer/High Perf rubber inner. My upper radiator hose was cracked, so i spent a couple extra dollars on this one. First Problem: wouldn't fit on the radiator nipple. Fit on the engine waterneck fine, but other end was a little loose. So to the bench grinder i went, and i ground the aluminum clamp down a bit on the underside where no one sees it, because it was contacting the radiator itself. It fit perfectly, and i have had no problems since. There is a metal spring inside the hose for rigidity. It does get hot! But my engine temp hasn't gone up. This product is GREAT for if you want to beautify your engine compartment. OHHH Shiny!!! :eek: I plan on doing the lower radiator hose, heater hoses, and every other damn hose i can possibly do.
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