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Could somebody please direct me to the site with the directions on how to lock the CAD into fulltime. The link to from the FAQ page keeps giving me a bad gateway.

I installed mile marker lockouts when I did the brakes (breezy to install and very happy with them so far bye the way) and I want to be rid of the vacuum stupidity.

I could probably figure a way to do it myself but knowing myself it would be the hard way. (Like removing the front axle and pressing the tubes out only to find that the lever to actuate the disconnect is accessible from the outside ::) :p :p )

Thanks y'all ( a Michigan y'all)


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I think there is something in the FAQs about locking the axle which Jay(cbody) said was actually better then the way he had described on his site.

Hope that helps


Actually i just went and found you go

5. Locking front CAD/Trail repair

After removing the vacuum motor, reinstall it but, instead of engaging the fork between the e-clips,slide the fork all the way out and install the farthest clip so that it pushes on the fork. This way the spring that otherwise holds the axle disengaged now holds it engaged. When reinstalling the motor, make sure to slide the sleeve over manually or you'll never reattach everything. You may need to raise the right tire and turn it to align the splines. This will lock your axle and it is reversible if you decide to go back to normal CAD operation.
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