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Well I finally started replacing the stock stereo components in my 1990 RC. I did the back speakers first but while I was doing that I decided to take a look at the front speakers to see what size they were, etc. I popped the panel off the driver's door only to find that the factory installed the speakers INSIDE the door panel. Upon further investigation, I found no way of getting the stock speaker out of the door. I am pretty competent when it comes to stereo wiring so I would rather do it myself rather then pay someone to do it. Does anyone have any idea on how to get the speakers out? Has anyone out there done this? I am thinking if I can get them out, I should be able to mount the speakers to the outside of the door panel instead of putting them inside. Thanks!
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Thanks guys. When I originally looked at the location, I thought that it might come out by removing the screws and then wiggling the speaker out through the opening. What size did you end up using on the replacement speakers? After the whole thing with the rear speakers I am not to keen on following so called guides to replacement speakers. When I started shopping around a few months ago, I went to Crutchfield to get an idea on what sizes to look for. Well the web site stated that 6x9's will fit up front, and in the back with slight modification. So I bought a pair of 6x9's and it would have taken way more then slight mods to fit. So I exchanged them for 6x8's which in fact fit with very little modification (i had to make some new holes in the mounting plate for the speaker and they bolted right up). Also do you know where I can get replacement spring clips for the door panel. Several of the ones on my truck are very old and brittle and break with only slight pressure applied. Thanks agian.
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I hope someone who needs the info actually sees this post. I found a web site where you can get those little metal spring clips that hold the interior door panel to the door. As I said before several of mine are either broken or about to break. I also was flipping through my JC Whitney catalog and found the mounting screws for the small carpeted panel that mount to the interior panel. Here is the web site, again hopefully someone will find this useful.
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