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Well I finally started replacing the stock stereo components in my 1990 RC. I did the back speakers first but while I was doing that I decided to take a look at the front speakers to see what size they were, etc. I popped the panel off the driver's door only to find that the factory installed the speakers INSIDE the door panel. Upon further investigation, I found no way of getting the stock speaker out of the door. I am pretty competent when it comes to stereo wiring so I would rather do it myself rather then pay someone to do it. Does anyone have any idea on how to get the speakers out? Has anyone out there done this? I am thinking if I can get them out, I should be able to mount the speakers to the outside of the door panel instead of putting them inside. Thanks!
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on my 89 they are 6x9s in the doors. i havent replaced them yet, but they are both blown. so i just have the kenwood head i installed faded to the back 6s i got and the 12s in the very back.
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