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well right now my spark system is about stock ive got good plugs and cap but thats it im look for a upgrade that gives me the most bang for my buck and the cheaper the better
i was wondering what everyone opions on these mods and what is the best set up
1st a orange box is it worth it or not ???
2nd a hotter coil now on this one what is the best way to go and will it help
3rd balist resitor now ive seen this hp mopar one for cheap in PAW and ive seen were on a msd set up its totaly bypasted
4th wires whats the best and dose it matter
5th plugs now i just got these champion truck plugs and i like them a lot they seam to make my truck alot better but here again should i look into differnt plugs or not
6th the last one cap and rotar right now ive got one made with brass which dose me good but is there better out there
now the last thing what would you do
thanks for the input

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I would use AC Rapid Fires or Iridium plugs, for wires i prefer MSD, Jacobs is also good, the accel caps and rotors are good, i would run MSD and drop the orange box idea, and use a MSD coil
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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