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A whole herd of electrons must have come stampeding along and I ended up replying (the same reply) three times, and cloning the thread twice, so there were three threads with nine posts from me... :eek:
So, I thought, Weeellll now, I'll just delete the clones. 8)
So, when I deleted the first clone, all three threads vanished :-[

Damn, I love computers. :(
I have no idea how that happened. Sorry.

This will not look good on your RCC 2nd quarter Job Performance Evaluations. You know Sam uses the JPE's to determine our raises. If you want to attend the RCC Admin Annual Jamaica Blowout this year, I would suggest remedial training in electron herding. ;D

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CLRracer said:
PrimerGrey said:
You know Sam uses the JPE's to determine our raises.
we get paid? SAM! WHERES MY CHECK?!?

Only Mods and Admins get paid. You lowly Assistants are suppose to be paying us, how else are we gonna get paid? So that means you have quite a bit back pay you need to give us :)

What probably happened on the 3 of the same thread is there was a glitch between the server and your browser, which made 1 thread look like 3, so when you removed one that you thought was an extra, it removed the truely only thread. I have had that happen to me before. The best thing to do is wait a bit and see if the dup threads just disappear. If they don't then you know there are indeed dup treads :)
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