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whens the next outing gonna be??I may be getting a small boat if anyone knows a good lake or something..we need to get another outing planned
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yeah it's defintiely time.

paging hardway42, mr 42 please pick up a white courtesy phone. ;D

jacked, where are you? vancouver?
Well, I know of a couple of spots. Ian, remember where we went up past Sweet Home? I've done a little more exploring & found some really cool stuff. It seems like this area is fairly centrally located for people (plus, it's really close to me ;D).

Also, there are 2 reservoirs(Foster & GreenPeter) within spitting distance of the trails, for the boat owners.

I just found out yesterday that I'm going back to work on the 17th, probably be gone for a month :\'(. But when I get home, let's get dirty{cool} ;D.
I fly over st helens a lot, it's pretty cool from the air. How far from Portland is it? I could probably make it up there when I get home, maybe a month or so.
I went on my last wheelin trip before I go back to work yesterday. I found a few really cool trails.

It's kind of hard to see, but you can kinda make out the trail

There is a pretty decent, rutted mudhole to get to the powerlines, but the powerline trail is not rutted, just pretty steep. Towards the end, it does start to get pretty rutted, but that just makes it fun.

I had a really good time, but it would be much more fun if there some members there. Anybody ??? Let's plan a trip.
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1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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