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somethin wierd about my headlights.

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Okay I need some advice on this. I havea 88 power ram. When I get in my truck to go to college in the morning it is still dark out. I get in and crank it and try to turn the headlights on and .....NOTHIN. THey wont work. ALL the other lights work just not the headlights. I have to let it sit and idle and sometimes they will come on. What can this be. THey work fine in the evenings and in the day. But they dont work at all in the morning. SOmetimes they will turn on after a second. and sometimes it takes them 30 minutes to come on. I dont like it one bit. I have a headlight switch but i havent had time to put it on. Would that help? Also. when the head lights dont work the high beam light on the dash doesnt come on or nothin. It is like my head lights dont exist. ???
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Check the dimmer switch are they still on the floor in 88? Otherwise check the grounds.
i dont havea dimmer switch on the floor. Where are the grounds ?
Start with the dimmer switch...ohm out the terminal to the common (middle one I think) position is for high and the other is lows...if you get an open on hi/lo...replace it. They are only like 3 or 4 bucks. If that isn't it, check the connections to the lights...they may be getting corroded and the morning moisture grounding them out.
Your dimmer switch is in the column. If you already have the headlight switch (new I suppose?) then swap it in. It will only take you about 15 minutes to swap out. Just plug in the new one, then test it. Otherwise you can disconnect the turn signal switch and read through the dimmer. I don't know what wires are what though, someone else is going to have to help out there.
Also, check the connectors on the lights themselves. See if they are dirty or corroded.
Do some more detective work...when they wont come on try flipping the dimmer switch on and off a bunch of times. Try gently tapping the lower part of the steering column or moving the wiring slightly under the dash neer the steering column. Last, try wiggling the wiring under the hood, starting at the firewall and work forward. The fact that the dash lights work means you are getting power into the headlight's just not getting out to the headlights. Could be headlight switch or its connector, dimmer switch, or connectors/wiring.

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DUDE! thats a detailed diagram. have fun with that there dude. and like was mention, check the lose wires from the bulbs to the bottom of the collumn. and next morning go out and pop the hood. take one of the plugs off the lights to see if its wet under it. if it is that could be all or most of your problem.
This may be a shot in the dark but. Do you have a time-delay (valet) box for your headlights? if so it could be going bad.
Anyone have any thoughts on why my high beams won't work on my 87 RC. Replaced the floor switch about 2 years ago, assumed that was it cause it had no clickbut never tested it. Currently have motor out so now might be the time to do it. Dash indicator says they are on but lights go from low to completly out on high setting.
well i figured out this...... I can turn the headlights on and off a bunch and after a couple of times they come on......What dies that mean
? thanks for all the info
Sounds like the switch is going bad to me!
Ram said:
Sounds like the switch is going bad to me!
Change the switch James it suld not cost you too much ;D
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