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someone filed a complaint on my truck!

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Me and my dad had the same problem almost a year ago, right after we got the purple 70 fury. We were told that we could only have one none running vehicle on the property, and we had to get rid of one of them. So, we pulled the Fury onto the trailer and chained it down, the trailer IS licenced and insured. When they came back to give us a fine, we told them that it was part of the trailer. The guy was a little upset, but that was a little loop hole that worked for us.
That sucks Nick. Will it fit in your garage?
Hey Duffy, right on. Some people need to get a life. I got a letter cause my truck was parking on the granite in the front instead of the driveway.
i have the RX-7 in there, with $2500 of wheels and tires on it. I'm not about to put that out front, it has a blown engine too. And i really dont feel like pushing a car or truck around the block just to get it in my back yard
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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