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Some wheeling pics

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Pics from Rausch Creek Off Road Park are here:

copy in to address bar and check em' out.
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Nice job , where is that place?
It is in Tremont P.A. Not too far from Harrisburg. Here's link to their site
Maybe we can get an ride up there...hint hint...
We could plan a chapter event for that, we would have to make a post and take a poll on a date and some people would have to get out from behind there computer, i would like to try it if the rest of the NJ chapter would try it also
Not just jersy!!! I can think of a couple other states that might be interested! ;D
Awesome let's get an East Coast Ram meet going. Camping and drinkin' at night. Wheelin' during the days.... I've been trying to get something like this together for years. Let's get the ball rolling!
I'd be afraid to take my stock truck there. That is until I saw that Xterra throwin up some mud. Looks like fun and I actually have a semi normal life where I don't work every weekend anymore.
Just to let everyone know ahead of time...these trails are super tight!!!! If you are afraid of body damage I would suggest looking elsewhere. Just my opinion.....
body damage?
i sawzalled the fenders on my RC to clear the 35s then beet the inner fender with a sledge.
im ready when u are
Ahh a local dude. sawzall is man's best friend...that and a torch..and a BFH. Glad to see someone isn't afraid to beat up on their $hit......
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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