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I want to hear some pros and cons about solid suspension bushings in an independent suspension setup.

What I can think of so far would be:
Absolutely no suspension deflection
Would wear out slower then stock rubber pieces
Road feel would be increased
Would need to be greaseable to decrease wear/sound

Possibly noisy
Road feel would be increased
Would need to be greased

Thoughts, ideas?

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What i can tell you about solid suspension bushings,

Increased road feel

Deflection is removed

Slop is removed

Handling is increased

Adding camber is now really noticeable in corners

You can feel the sidewall roll under and have a need for low profile tires

Now you see why low profile tires are expensive after that 1st 70 mph corner (providing the rest of the suspension is dealt with)

Steering feel is better

Truck guy's have no idea what there missing.
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