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So you want an Optima?

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After meticulous recording of very precise measurements (my Mk1. eyeball and tape measure) I concluded that Optimas D31A (yellow top) would fit. This is their biggest yellow, it weighs in at 65 lbs! The only thing I needed were new "j" bolts at 10" inches long, flatten one of the little tabs on the battery tray and I flattened the "s" strap that runs from the hold down clamp the fender wall.

Now I can have all night discussions (drinking) out on the ranch while listening to XM.




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Have you done any testing of its capabilities yet? I have a Red Top, and I was able to power my 27" TV off an inverter, PLUS the 400W stereo pumping out the tunes/commentary for 2 1/2 hours straight before I had to start it the last time I tailgated. The low battery alarm kicked on on the inverter, so I thought I would have a problem starting, but NOOOOOO... It cranked like a champ and fired right up! Optima's DEFINITELY are the SH!T!! I'm going to get a second one, but I can't decide whether I should get a Yellow or Blue Top.. I know the Blue's the marine version, but I like the terminal posts.. I haven't compared the capacities yet though... What's the Amp-hour and CA/CCA ratings on the Yellow? I can't read it.. ;D ;D

Matt {peace}
v737d said:
1125 CCA's and 75 amp hours.
{bigeyes} {bigeyes} WOW!! {bigeyes} {bigeyes} Now THAT'S a battery!!! My Red top is 950CA/800CCA... You NEVER see that many CCA's in a deep cycle! At 1125 CCA it's gotta be like 1300 or 1400 CA! That thing could run a refrigerator for a few days and not even break a sweat! I think I could forego the terminal studs for that sucker... What'd it set you back?

Matt {peace}
Ok, after looking at the table at that link above, I'm gathering the one you have is the D31A, and it's 1125CA/900CCA, which still beats the Red top hands down! There is a new Blue top version of that one - D31M, which is spec'd exactly the same as the one you have... So I can have terminal studs! ;D ;D $197 is a little higher than I need to reach right now, especially given the performance I'm getting from my Red Top so far... Thanks for the info!

Matt {peace}
That was my original thought, but if you look at the specs, the Red top is 980CA/750CCA/55Ah,the D34 Yellow top is 870CA/650CCA/55Ah. The D31A Yellow, which is what 737 has, is 1125CA/900CCA/75Ah, with the D34M Blue top being the same. The group 31 yellow and blue are definitely superior batteries. Their CCA is just 80 less than the Red top's CA. The Red tops also say they shouldn't be deep-cycled. Since I tailgate, I would need that, but since I just bought the Red, I would add the group 31 blue for deep-cycling.If you were buying your first Optima though, skip the red and shell out the extra $70 for the Yellow or Blue group 31

Matt {peace}
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