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Smokin 79 wheel bearing ?

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So I have this bone stock, low miles, total survivor 79 RC that I picked up a few months back. Did the total lube job thing per the FSM including front axle u-joints and wheel bearings right after I picked it up. Today I pulled in the driveway and the right front corner is smokin like its on fire. Yanked the wheel and the brake disk is a lot hotter than it should be but the brake caliper isn't dragging. The only sign of frying fluids that I can see is around the wheel studs.

Does is seem reasonable / likely / typical that the outer wheel bearing seal went poof and the grease got flung through the access hole in the rotor hub? There doesn't seem to be any fluids drippin or burning off the inside of the rotor or steering knuckle area.

Is the outer seal between the outer  bearing cup and the rotor hub or is it between the bearing retainer and the knuckle or is it somewhere else? btw, have been reading the FSM, how to 35 and the forum archives but still a bit confused.
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if the caliper aint dragging then l,d say the bearing went bad
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