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small to big

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hey i know you guys all got the big trucks, so do i, an all stock '75 W100 power wagon with the 318. i also have a mopar mini, '80 plymouth aarow P/U. now i know it was built, for the most part buy mitsubishi. any way my question is Has anyone heard of putting a 318 and a big 4X4 suspention on one of those because its been sitting for 3 years and ide like to do the swap the easiest way possible.
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My friend had a plymouth arrow done by jerry haas many years ago, it had a 440
Don't bother with the Mitsu junk. Remove the cab, clip and box and put the Arrow on a RC or truck chassis.
Actually what wil lwork best isn't a dodge frame and drive train but a Jeep commanche rolling chassis . If u use the Jee pV-8 you will have to cut the fire wall up quite a bit . I hada Dodge D-d-50 with that frame and it had the mitsu engine with a 4 spd .
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