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Small fixes on my W150

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Had some time today to do some small stuff, such as fixing my tailgate (addet a missing clip), carefully stretch my bed because the gate scratched while Closing and complete the seatbelts and start rebuild the doors. But it seems like i am missing a lot of parts there.

suddenly i found a card of the salesmen, maybe you read my previous posts about that spitzer badge on the back.
What a treasure!

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Another day, another package. Or should i say, i was insanly lucky to find a fuel neck WITH the fuel filler housing - and: already in Germany!
Well, the plastic housing is almost at the end of its life, but i think it should work and afterwards act as a sample, since i already planed to fabricate a new one.
Fuel Inlet is complete now.

Next: fix fuel leaks at the fuel sending unit (got sh*tty clamps, i need to swap them out) and order a bunch of parts from Rockauto, such as taillight, new lines for the power steering, complete interior as far as possible, fix the headlight issue, power window passenger site, etc.

Ill keep you guys entertained hopefully.

Tomorrow is fathers day in Germany, so .. after a small "reset" and a big headache, i will continue my workflow.

Can anyone here say something about the transgo shift kit? I think i might want to try it out.
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HOBO is in the design stage of making new ones
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That would be outstanding!
Nice work. It feels good to freshen up our old trucks where they need it.
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