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If it is your first engine rebuilt, Congrats.Not to many people can experience having connecting rod in your hand and the next thing witness it coming alive. I get emotionnal each time an engine fire up.
From the picture, I see a lot of new parts, you put time and $ in it.

Maybe not filthy, but without valve cover for some time.
This engine also seem dry. Not a lot of engine assembly lube/grease. I believe Metal-to-metal surface have to have engine assembly lube. Maybe it is just me.

No shame of spinning the oil pump with drill for 20 minutes right before start-up. 2-3 minutes per quarter turn (with wrench) on engine, and at least 4 complete engine turn. without spark plug of course.
I may be overly priming the pump, but who care?

I strongly believe that the first 2 minutes of startup of an engine are critical. So very close to us on first start are the usual stuff (maybe you are familiar with this):

check spark and fire order, multiple time by multiple people. It save us a couple of time. specially on Ford engine.
oil pressure gauge. I would remove the oil pressure sensor and install an oil pressure gauge on first start. it must read pressure while spinnig with drill.
timing light already hook up.clear mark on balancer.
fire extinguisher
infra red heat gun (reading exhaust temp and engine temp, thermostat specially new one can be tricky)
water hose to cool radiator, first start generate a lot of heat.
Dedicate helper on dedicate task.

There is a lot more step, but just in case
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