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1988 Ramcharger W150, 318, 4-speed; 2008 Sebring Convertible; 2015 Challenger Shaker SCATPack 392 A8
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It was only after trying Firefox, Bing, Chrome and my iPhone that I was finally able to register as a new user on this site using Internet Exploder and even then the image didn't show up and I had to listen to the letters and that was very hard to understand.  Yes I'm a very persistent individual but it begs the question how many Ramcharger fans aren't willing to not give up on a website?  This was very frustrating and I thought about just giving up and going over to the other forums and trying there.  After researching a bit I found that this has been an issue with this site in the past and the mods thought the issue was fixed, but I can assure it is not and it really needs to be.  Thank you to the mods for the job that you do I know it can be a thankless task to moderate a forum of any kind but especially one dedicated to a vehicle that has been out of production for quite some time.

Joseph Wilson
aka: CADFather
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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