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Everyone should go but we "the few" (and snobby ;) ) should have our own table.

Back in my military days, we would have big dinners where the peasants (me) would be at the floor tables and the Colonels, wives, and guest speakers would be at the "head table" at the front of the room and slightly elevated.

Rules were, no one could eat or drink until the highest ranking wife or husband had been served and started to eat. Punishment was a trip to the "grog".

We don't have to get too fancy but I like the idea of having any RCC's there but we should have a slight exclusionary air about us to encourage others to donate time effort and $$$ to the site.

We drink Michelob and the rest suck it up with Schaefer Lite!

No worries

Chris (rookie)
1 - 1 of 31 Posts