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Shuddering and shaking on 90 RC

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My 90 shakes and shudders pretty bad. It seems like it's originating in the tranny.(A-518). I know for certain it's not steering or driveline related. In addition to shuddering and shaking, there's quite a bit of slop in the tranny/transfer case, it clunks when I let off the gas and then push it again, and also, there is an occasional scaping/grating sound. It does this with the OD off or on, in all gears.

I guess I know what my problem is (tranny...duh!) but I was wondering if anyone had any input as to what the problem may be or any similar symptoms in the past. Something as simple as an output bearing maybe?

I have a 727 sitting in my garage that I just took out of my 84 so I think I'll put that in. I have a question. Will the 241 mate up to the 727 or do I need to use the 208?


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I'm hope I'm not asking a stupid question but does it happen when you first touch the brakes to slow down from speed or is it on acceleration?
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