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Shuddering and shaking on 90 RC

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My 90 shakes and shudders pretty bad. It seems like it's originating in the tranny.(A-518). I know for certain it's not steering or driveline related. In addition to shuddering and shaking, there's quite a bit of slop in the tranny/transfer case, it clunks when I let off the gas and then push it again, and also, there is an occasional scaping/grating sound. It does this with the OD off or on, in all gears.

I guess I know what my problem is (tranny...duh!) but I was wondering if anyone had any input as to what the problem may be or any similar symptoms in the past. Something as simple as an output bearing maybe?

I have a 727 sitting in my garage that I just took out of my 84 so I think I'll put that in. I have a question. Will the 241 mate up to the 727 or do I need to use the 208?


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Thanks Brian.

It's got brand new u-joints, so they're ok. I really need to inspect the mounts a lot closer than I have. I did the old quick-slide-under-and-glance-at-them-quickly inspection. I'm going to get under there tomorrow and get a good look and see how they are. It sure would be nice if that's all the problem was.

As far as the driveshaft, I've got the one from my 84, so all is well in that department. I may just put the 727 in anyway and get the 518 rebuilt and the Transgo kit in. Guess it depends how much motivation I have.

intenseimages said:
are you sure it is the tranny and not chain stretch and noise in the tcase?

No, I'm not. Is there a way to isolate it?

geronimo said:
I'm hope I'm not asking a stupid question but does it happen when you first touch the brakes to slow down from speed or is it on acceleration?
Both. It almost sounds like a really bad u-joint, but it did it both before and after I replaced both u-joints. They only have about 85 miles on them, too.

I wonder if I was to swap the 208 in to test it. That's a hell of a lot less involved than a tranny swap.

Thanks for the help.
Ok, I've got a game plan for tomorrow.

Check out mounts

Pull cover and check out flex plate bolts and general condition of flex plate.

Take 241 out and put 208 in (driveshafts, too.)

Hey Brian, it's interesting you mention the flex plate and bolts, cause I was wondering if the torque converter may have something to do with it, but I totally forgot about the flex plate.

The previous owner of this truck beat on it pretty hard. He abused it hard enough that the front axle u-joints broke and he destroyed the yokes, too. That was the major reason for my axle swap. It needed new axle shafts on both sides. It stands to reason that something else got wrecked, too. Boy, it's nice to have a parts truck.

Thanks again.

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Oh yea, I don't think the clunk is from the rear end. Both of my previous RCs had it and this just feels different. It doesn't happen when I put it in gear, just when I start to coast and then accelerate again. It feels like it's right below me.

When I changed the u-joints, there didn't seem to be much slop in the rear end compared to what I was used to.
Well, it rained all day today so I didn't swap out xfer cases or even get underneath. I did drive it a bit trying to narrow the symptoms down a little.

When I put it in D (OD off) it's ok. 1st gear accelerates fine. When it goes into 2nd, it starts to shudder. Same with 3rd. I've engaged the OD on the turnpike at 70 mph and it goes fine. It'll downshift when needed and keeps the rpms right around 2k. Hopefully I can get underneath tomorrow (if I'm not too busy pulling parts off the 84 ;D)

Hopefully I can find something simple and not have to drop the tranny. After thinking about it, though, there was an awful lot of play at the yoke going into the transfer case (with d-shaft disconnected). Maybe a loose chain is the source of the clunk.
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