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Shows or Parties

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Does the chapter ever meet? What do you meet to do? Car shows or wheelin'?
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Ya, we meet to go wheelin, and some of the chapter members come over to my house fairly frequently to drink beer and eat my BBq... or we get together to work on rigs... We can get just about anything done in my garage cept changing gears in an axle, but I'm working on that.
so hardway we going to meet this time when I come back there. I should be back in salem around May time fram this year for two or three weeks. would like to spend at least one day out whellin and meeting to chapter.

I'm all for it, Scott. Let me know when your coming, and I'll do my best to rally the troops. We definatly have to meet this time, though.
ya no doubt about that. I'm planning on stetting aside at least one day for RCC.

looks like I'll be there all of may and part of june.

excellent! that should allow some time for wheelin and just shootin the shit. Call me when ya get settled in.

ya can't wiat I have every ones contact info from the state so I'll try to get in contact with a very of you at least. want to set up a chapter get together. I'll be there around the 3 may until the 4 of june. I would like to meet as many people as posable.

ok I'm here but for only two weeks. This weekend (8May)we are having a BBQ at my in-laws so if you guys want to come give hardaway a call and he'll give you info. That is If I can get a hold of him. LOL I still have to pass the info to him.

I'm up in Washington, but I'm down for meetin up. Must make sure about my schedule though. might be working non stop for awhile....

BTW, Scott, I joined the Air Force after all. I'm in for delayed entry till January 1st. Still need to do more paperwork, but I think I will be trying for an aircraft technician job. F15 electronics or weapons systems maybe. What a pain though! I have to get my credit squared up, and get my damned high school diploma. Should be worth it though, 30 days paid vacation EACH year sounds too cool. And the whole working on fighter jets thing..

DTDodge1 here...

I'm on my way to OR all the way from Virginia! As you are speaking of parties and shows, I was wondering if you guys are close to where I'm going? And can I look forward to seeing any of the Big Dodges around those parts! We'll be at Winchester Bay from the week of June 29 to July 7...
Give me the scoop! I've never been away from the east coast!

My buddies go down for Dunefest...but this is a different week, I think? Let me know where the party is!! ;D
I'll be back in the salem area for most of the moth of Aug. so if any of you want we can get together, Just know I more then likely wont be able to go wheelin. The reason my family and I are coming home again is my wife is giving her sister a kidney so she can go off roadin for a while.LOL and I be watching the 3 kids.LOL

Might be able to go to a meet in August. Finances are kinda weird right now...

Hey, tell your wife and her sister I said good luck. Thats gotta be stressfull.
THNX. and I'll do that the surgery is on the second of august. so give us a week or so to get them to feeling up to it and we can all have a get together. Maybe around mid month.

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